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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is the Query Service aimed at?

  • The Query Service is aimed at companies providing mobile content services.

  • The Query Service is NOT aimed at other organizations (e.g. direct marketing enterprises) or private persons.

2. What kinds of use is the Query Service allowed for?

  • The Query Service may only be used for such services accessible via mobile networks where it is imperative for the service provider to have the end user's network operator information in order to successfully complete invoicing and message routing.

  • The service user shall follow closely all the terms, instructions and limitations of the Service Agreement and its annexes.

  • A use of the Query Service that is against the terms of the Service Agreement will lead to immediate termination of the Agreement.

3. How is the Query Service meant to be used?

A. The customer may make individual real-time enquiries in the following cases:

-The mobile operator of the service provider's end user is not known at the time of ordering the service. (E.g. the end user registers via internet or some other channel that does not convey definite information on the end user's mobile operator.)

-The service provider's end user makes a content service order where the content is delivered to a third party and there is no definite knowledge of the third party's mobile operator.

B. The user may update the mobile operator data of its whole customer base a single time daily or weekly. (Especially useful for information on push message service subscribers.)

In no case should the Query Service be used in such a way that a separate enquiry is made in connection with every message sent to an end user. The capacity of the Query Service has not been calibrated for such use.

To prevent misconduct and enforce the capacity cap, a daily and monthly limit has been set on the enquiries (i.e. number on enquired mobile numbers) made through the Query Service. The exact limits on the number of enquiries have been specified in the technical documentation.

4. How to build an interface?

  • Building of an application for the service provider's use is both simple and quick.

  • The enquiries are done as simple HTTP queries.

  • The Service responds with operator information for each queried mobile phone number as a two-digit operator code defined by the Finnish Communications Regulatory Agency.

  • Detailed information on building an interface is found in the technical documentation which will be provided to the service provider after the signing of a service agreement.


5. Who provides the Query Service?

  • The Query Service is provided by Numpac Oy. In practice the operation and support of the Query Service and processing of service agreements is done by Accenture.

  • More information on Numpac:

6. Where can one find more information on the Query Service?

  • Fill in the access request form online. The application form has a field titled "Additional information" where you can list topics you would like to hear more about.