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How the Service Operates

By using a simple HTTP query, a service provider can easily check the current mobile operator of their customer through the Query Service. The Query Service responds with a unique operator code for each queried mobile phone number.

Based on the operator code:

  • The service provider may always route problematic push messages to the correct operator's network and thus avoid loss of revenue.

  • The service provider is able to confirm the successful invoicing of mobile terminated (MT) services ordered through other channels besides the mobile channel.

  • In the case of a push message service, it is possible to confirm that the message routed to the recipient is sent via the cheapest route possible.

Technical Execution
Technically the enquiries are executed through an interface, the specification of which will be provided after the signing of a service agreement. Building of an application for the service provider's use is both simple and quick. The customers may integrate the interface into their own systems.

  • The Query Service is provided by Numpac.

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